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Carol Powell


Carol Powell has been named an ‘outstanding teacher’ with an extensive career, teaching children of all ages. She has taught in state and private schools all over the world including Arizona, Namibia and the Cayman Islands. Carol now specialises in mindfulness which plays a central role in her life.

Carol is known for her kindness and for the gift that she has with children who have additional needs. After leading a team of teachers in a special needs school she has gained valuable skills which are now utilised in the business she founded 3 years ago called Chatterminds.

Carol is passionate about supporting children's mental health and also the mental health of parents. She provides a tool kit for families to navigate the highs and lows of life.

‘I’ve always known I wanted to work with children and support them, with their emotions. I absolutely love what I do and feel grateful every day that I set up Chatterminds’

Carol Powell, lover of camping, nature, cooking, a good pub roast and a pint!


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