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Stressbusting Short Courses - In Person with creche

A 6 week in person course that will look at how to manage the stress and frustration that comes from life as a parent.  This course supports parents to notice stressful situations and learn mindfulness-based techniques to respond calmly to children. 

When life gets tough, relationships with our children can be a source of additional worry and anxiety.  We sometimes feel we do not have the resources or time to respond to them in the way that we would wish.

This is a Mindfulness for Parents/Carers Course that supports you to deal more mindfully with stress and difficulty that may arise from being a parent.

These short courses as grant funded and so offered free of cost to parents who have English as a second or other language or who live in the more deprived areas of Bristol.

These run in both North and South Bristol.  We run in the Autumn Term and the Summer Terms only.  Booking is essential.

Please email us to reserve a place on this course. 


Please email us if you are interested to find out more.


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