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Mindfulness for Parents and Carers


Our Mindfulness for Parents Course is evidence based and was

developed by Susan Bogels, a professor of Developmental

Psychopathology and Kathleen Restifo, a Clinical Psychologist and

mindfulness teacher.

It is a 10 week course pioneering a toolbag of mindfulness practices and parenting skills that support parents manage difficult emotions, stressful family situations and develop healthier relationships with those around them.  We also run this course in two parts to make it more accessible for parents.  


Through learning and practicing the techniques taught on our Mindfulness for Parents courses, you can learn how to:

  • Develop strong attachment bonds with your children.

  • Identify your emotions and be accepting of them.

  • Respond mindfully to each situation as it arises rather than react.

  • Live in the moment and be more present for your children.

  • Discover that thoughts are not facts therefore relate more appropriately to everyday stresses.

  • Nurture yourself and bring about better relaxation and sleeping.


We run a grant funded version of this course called Stressbusting for Parents which is offered free to those in benefits.


We offer a six - week version of this for parents who have English as a second language or who have lower literacy skills.

And we offer bespoke online courses for parents of SEND children and Adoptive Parents.

These courses have Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction at the foundation and is grounded in scientific evidence to teach and support parents to develop stronger bonds with their children and take care of themselves better. Having gone through childbirth and all of the beauty, wonder, stress, exhaustion and chaos that this can bring, we sometimes miss the 'true nature' and joy of our children when they express themselves in different ways.

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