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Stressbusting Course for Parents - Grant Funded Course


Our Stressbusting Course is an evidenced based mindfulness course that was developed by Professor Susan Bogels and adapted by Donna Person and Claire-Louise Symonds.  It is a 10 week course using the building blocks of mindfulness that includes both formal and informal practices, movement, communication and relationship based practices.  These courses are grant funded and delivered in more deprived areas of Bristol and the South West to support families who might not be able to attend a private mindfulness course.


This course supports you to understand and prepare for the differing stages of parenting your children grow and develop.  It can support development of the parent/child bond and support the transition from childhood into healthy adults. 


A variety of mindfulness practises are taught throughout the 10 weeks to help you both learn about mindfulness and be able to put it into practice.











The aim of this course is to:

Look at how to manage the stress and frustration that comes from life as a parent.  This course supports parents to notice stressful situations and learn mindfulness-based techniques to respond calmly to children. 

When life gets tough, relationships with our children can be a source of additional worry and anxiety.  We sometimes feel we do not have the resources or time to respond to them in the way that we would wish.

Stressbusting for Parents will support you in your role as a parent. 

It will help you to:

  • Feel more confident about being a parent

  • Manage how stress and frustration affects you during difficult moments

  • Recognise and manage difficult / strong / uncomfortable emotions

  • Help you to talk with, and listen to your children

  • Strengthen the parent/child bond and improve your communication

If you want to find out more about these funded courses then please see our current courses page.

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