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Stressbusting for Parents of SEND Children  - Online

A 10 week online course that will look at how to manage the stress and frustration that comes from life as a parent of a child with special needs.  This course supports parents to notice stressful situations and learn mindfulness-based techniques to respond calmly to children. 

When life gets tough, relationships with our children can be a source of additional worry and anxiety.  We sometimes feel we do not have the resources or time to respond to them in the way that we would wish.

This is a Mindfulness for Parents/Carers Course that supports you to deal more mindfully with stress and difficulty that may arise from being a parent.


This course is for parents but it is not a 'parenting' course. It will teach parents and carers how to meditate, be more present and be kinder towards themselves.


It builds emotional resilience so that you can respond more calmly and rationally in those more heated and stressful moments.

It allows us to notice how we habitually react under stress and then learn how mindfulness can help us to respond more skilfully.

Mindfulness for Parents/Carers supports us through:

  • Reducing stress

  • Reducing harmful intergenerational patterns of stressed out parenting

  • Improving affect of emotional regulation

  • Improving family communication and relationships


This course will run online each term and usually runs from 9.30 - 12 noon.


Please email us to reserve a place on this course. 


Please email us if you are interested to find out more.

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