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“Higher awareness of my children and what they are saying and doing and using Rift and Repair has been very powerful and changed the dynamic with my younger child in a very positive way.  The 3 Step Practice has been really helpful in work as it helped me to refocus and think clearly when feeling overwhelmed by amount of work”


“ Brilliant course with amazing facilitators.  It will absolutely increase your parenting skills and your own quality of life.”


“I used mindful walking with my children by sneaking round the house together like we are going on a bear hunt and also used “I hear with my little ear” – both used to calm situations with myself and my children.  Rift and Repair was useful”


“Really has been a wonderful and useful experience.  It has given me the opportunity to explore my own feelings in a way that I never thought was possible.”


“Thank you I am for your teachings over the last 8wks. I've experienced lots of therapy before and that included mindfulness. However, I was never able to find something that worked for me. Now, thanks to the both of you, I am able to find ways to help calm myself, and my mind.

I know this will be my lifesaver. There have been times since starting the course where by I would normally have been compelled to self harm. Sometimes now I am able to let these emotions be and breathe my way to a better state of mind. I'm sure you think I am exaggerating but for 37yrs I've buried so much and found coping mechanisms that have saved my life, but have been severely detrimental. I honestly feel that I will be able to have a more positive future. Stressful times will come and bad things will happen but I know if I continue to practice I can work through them.”


“I have changed how I see situation and can take a step back to think about things.  Thank you for the phone contact and messages this helped me to still feel able to attend even though I had missed some sessions”


"I was able to reconnect with myself both as a parent and as an individual.  I have been able to find my creativity and start writing again and I am calmer with my ideas"


"This course made a real difference in my mood and helped me be grateful for the good times and react in a more considered and appropriate manner when boundaries are crossed.   I don't feel like a guilty monster any more"


"I got more than I'd ever imagined from this course (Helps with OCD too).  My children have learned to step back and breathe (3Step Breathing Space Practice) and control themselves as well.  I enjoy so much more, calmer and learnt how to relax"


​"I feel this course has helped me to become a better person and mother.  I’ve also learnt to love myself and live a more relaxed life.  Life feels great!"


"This course has really improved my relationship and bond with my children.  I now enjoy time I spend with them.  I have found the course has had a major impact in my recovery from post-natal depression and have shared my impression with Bluebell as I think this could make a huge difference to others' recovery"


"I found the practices difficult at first, and still find it difficult to find time in my day.  Hearing other people's stories helped to motivate me"


"My mind feels so much more relaxed now that I have done this course"


"The course did meet my expectations as it really helped me stop, breathe and be in the moment.  I'm now calmer and in touch with my feelings"


"I was not really sure what to expect as it wasn’t something I had previously practiced before.  At first I found the practices difficult but they became easier over time.  Would have liked to have found more time to do the home tasks"


I am now able to Be in the moment with my children as frequently as I can.  I have learned that when I feel I am not dealing with a situation well, I can check in with myself and think about another way"


I have learn to checking in with myself on a regular basis and be calmer with myself and my children"

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