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Current Workshops


1)  Stressbusting for Parents of Taster Workshops - In Person

We have grant funding from the Quartet Foundation to run a series of workshops throughout the year 2023.  These are being run in the more deprived areas of Bristol to support families who might not be able to attend a private course.  


Please complete this form and return it to us if you are interested in attending a taster session.


2) Themed Workshops for Parents

We also have funding to run some introductory workshops in the more deprived areas of Bristol throughout the Summer and Autumn term of 2023.  We are currently making contact with Children's Centre's, Schools and Organisations working with parents to set these up.  Please get in touch if you would like a Themed Workshop run in your area or in your venue.

3)  Mindfulness for Parents Taster Workshop - Online

This session is taking place via Zoom and will run for 1.5 hours.  The next workshop for Parents will take place in 2024.  The cost for the  workshop is £5. To reserve a place, please book online.  

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