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Moments of Mass Mindfulness 2021

It’s a strange thing when we sit in meditation with others. It’s an internal process but something definitely happens, something tangible that you can feel, when people meditate together. It’s hard to define – the atmosphere has a special kind quality - welcoming, warm and confirming, I’d say.

Even online you can feel it. If you softly look at the screen of faces in front of you, as you begin to quiet the body and check in, or as a practice ends or even as part of your practice, you see your fellows meditators on screen ‘being with’ you, supporting you, experiencing thoughts, emotions and body sensations – just as you do. It’s like dropping below all the chat, all the opinions, all the comparing - and just sharing what it is like to be a human being. Breath by breath.

Bristol Mindfulness has been hosting our annual Moment of Mass Mindfulness (MOMM) for 5 years now. At Castle Park, College Green last year on line and again on line this year. It’s our way of celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week and offering a space for anyone who wants to join us, experienced or not, for guided practices and to experience some quietness in a challenging and confusing world.

We believe it’s a really important way of opening up mindfulness. Giving people the opportunity to sit with us to give it a try or to come back to a practice that has fallen away – or to experience that special feeling of sitting in a larger group than usual. What is lovely is that it is somewhere where we can just allow ourselves to accept what is offered. There is a space to say something or contribute on the Zoom Chat function if we want, but it’s equally fine just to be there and say - and do - nothing at all. Just following the guidance ‘as best as we can’ and seeing what we notice moment by moment.

So – we hope as many people as possible will book in on Saturday 15th May 12-1pm and join us. The ‘more the merrier’ or perhaps more accurately for this purpose – ‘the more the meaningful’. So, join us and see what happens - in your mind and in your body. And watch out for our post MOMM blog to see what you all made of it. You can book your place here

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