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MoMM - Post Match Musings

For one hour.

On a Saturday in May.

About 35 people met up on Zoom - teachers from Bristol Mindfulness, Stephen from Warriors of Wellbeing in Weston S Mare-and participants from Bristol, from other places in the UK, from Australia, from South Africa.

The occasion was Moments of Mass Mindfulness 2021 celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week as we have done now for the last 5 years The theme this year was ‘Nature’ – and we bathed in the tree meditation with our roots connecting unseen under the ground. As a metaphor, it had immense power. And we were grounded, but flexible as we were guided in mindful movement.

And again we experienced the support and the curious sense of connectedness that arises whenever we meditate in a group. And it really didn’t matter that we weren’t sitting together on College Green because, as we were tuning in to the quietness and to our bodies gently breathing, gently moving, we were tuning into a shared experience that lay below the boundaries of counties, countries, and continents. In becoming aware, the sense of separateness dissolves. Like tree roots, connection is ‘just’ there, It was an extraordinary vibe that day and we heard deep appreciation from those there for the opportunity to come together in this unique way.

So - we promoted this across all our networks, wrote press releases, featured it on websites – and are just left with a question: how can we make this amazing annual experience more known and accessible to more people. Answers on a postcard, please!

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