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Supporting the NHS

We are very happy to have the opportunity of teaching three 8-week courses in 2021 to Nursing & Midwifery Registrants at Royal United Hospital in Bath. Funding provided by Health Education England (HEE).

Our relationship with RUH began over 4 years ago when Emma Thom (The Mindful Choice), overseen by a small RUH mindfulness project team, trialled a number of different mindfulness curricula for medical and healthcare staff at the hospital. Jacky picked up the banner when Emma moved to Teignmouth and taught courses until the allocated finding ran out earlier this year. We have been waiting anxiously to hear whether further funding was going to be made available to continue our work. We now have it confirmed that MPCP can support these incredible front-line staff with online and face-to-face courses as they face all the usual challenges of their work plus responding to Covid 19.

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