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Mindfulness for Children Course

The Mindful Parenting and Community Project can offer individual sessions for children to attend.


However we would always advise parents to attend an eight week mindfulness course themselves in the first instance, such as our Mindfulness for Parents/Carers Course or MBSR Course.  Through becoming familiar with our own patterns of reactions we become more able to respond from a place of freedom rather than just react. When you become a mindful parent, you are able to cultivate awareness and notice what is truly happening. This ‘noticing’ allows you to be aware of what is going on for you as a parent and you can therefore give yourself permission to feel whatever emotion is there. This simple act allows you to be responsive rather than reactive which often results in calmer and happier families.  To find out more about these courses, please email us or see our Current Course page.

If you would like to find out more about our courses for children, then please get in touch​ and we can discuss this further.  Usually we would like to see the parents first for a number of sessions and then work together with the parent and child.  These sessions can either take place in your home, your child's school (with permissions from the school) or at our therapy room.

For more information about our work with children, you might like to look at our associated organisation established by Carol, called Chatterminds

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