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Donna's Musings from Jacky's 'Karmavan' in Derbyshire

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

What is my relationship to the present moment?

I'm Donna and I am a therapist with ‘Talk to The Rainbow’ and a Mindfulness teacher. I ask myself this question as much as possible throughout the day. Suffering is in our nature, we all suffer, you are not alone. We can find freedom in the present moment.

Sit and watch your thoughts for 10mins (yes, it is possible to do this!) you would soon notice that most of them are self-judging or judging of others or ‘time travelling’ - into the past or the future.

When I did this recently, for 30mins, I was astonished to notice how much judgement was around and realised again that these judging thoughts would have been going on in the background without me even being aware of it!

Freedom begins when we pause and take a look inside ourselves, allowing some space to simply notice what’s around, what I’m thinking, sensing, feeling and what impulses I’m experiencing. And not pushing any of it away – just allowing it all be here, no matter what it is. Beginning again and again the lifelong journey of learning to being truly ok with who we are….letting go of judgement…giving a voice to the wound that keeps showing itself and being our own care giver.

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