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Caring for Me, Caring for You - New Online Mindfulness Course for Adopters

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

MPCP is happy to announce an exciting development in providing two evaluated online 8-week mindfulness courses for adoptive parents in the Adoption West Consortium. ‘Caring for Me, Caring for You’ is our first online course for adopters with children in placement pre and post adoption order and will be informed by our experience delivering our ‘face to face’ course for adopters in 2017.

The two courses will take place through the summer and winter of 2020 and have been made possible through Covid 19 Adoption Support funding, a grant from Oxford Mindfulness Centre and financial support from Adoption West. Adoptive parents are caring for children from public care with very high levels of physical and emotional need which, in many cases, extend into adulthood. And now, adoptive families are facing the added challenges and uncertainties of Covid 19. We are, therefore, delighted to be working with Adoption West to explore how mindfulness courses delivered on-line can support adoptive parents, wherever they live, in these difficult most difficult circumstances.

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